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Turbulence intensity distribution for flow along a streamwise external corner

KAM Moinuddin, PN Joubert, MS Chong

Fluids Engineering | Published : 2002


This work continues the studies of Moinuddin et al. [1], where experiments were performed on a streamwise external corner. The streamwise development of turbulent boundary layer over an external corner (chine) is influenced by secondary flow which is driven three-dimensionally. The direct effect of this secondary flow is to increase the drag force. Here secondary flow, which is known as Prandtl’s second kind, is induced by inequality of Reynolds stresses around the corner. This flow is expected to exhibit symmetry about the corner bisector. Moinuddin et al. [2,3] have established the symmetry of this flow based upon mean flow measurements. Normal wire measurements for the streamwise turbulen..

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