Journal article

A newly discovered protein export machine in malaria parasites

Tania F de Koning-Ward, Paul R Gilson, Justin A Boddey, Melanie Rug, Brian J Smith, Anthony T Papenfuss, Paul R Sanders, Rachel J Lundie, Alexander G Maier, Alan F Cowman, Brendan S Crabb

Nature | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2009



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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the Australian Red Cross Blood Bank for the provision of human blood and serum. We thank J. McBride, A. Lupas, A. Diemand, M. T. O'Neill, M. Brown, P. Cannon, S. Charnaud, R. Moritz, S. Haase, R. Waller, G. McFadden, G. Cantin and J. Yates for provision of reagents and/or other assistance with some aspects of this study. We are especially grateful to S. Muller for sharing unpublished images and data. This work was supported by NHMRC, by a grant from the NIH (RO1 AI44008) and by infrastructure support from NHMRC IRIISS (361646 and 361637) and Victorian State Government OIS grants. J. A. B. is an NHMRC Peter Doherty postdoctoral fellow, A. G. M. is an ARC Research fellow and A. F. C. is an International Research Scholar of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.