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Risk of ischemic stroke among users of the oral contraceptive pill - The Melbourne risk factor study (MERFS) group

S Siritho, AG Thrift, JJ McNeil, RX You, SM Davis, GA Donnan

Stroke | LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS | Published : 2003


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Use of oral contraceptives has increased, and there is uncertainty about the stroke risk associated with their use. Our aim was to investigate this issue. METHODS: Using case-control techniques, we identified consecutive women with ischemic stroke from 4 Melbourne hospitals. All patients were between 15 and 55 years of age and had no prior stroke. Neighborhood-based control subjects were individually age-matched (+/-5 years) and geographically matched to subject cases. A questionnaire administered to participants elicited information about prior exposure to various potential risk factors, including the oral contraceptive pill (OCP). RESULTS: We included 234 cases and ..

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