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Managing multiple species or communities? Considering variation in plant species abundances in response to fire interval, frequency and time since fire in a heathy Eucalyptus woodland

Thomas J Duff, Tina L Bell, Alan York



With the prospect of altered levels of fire in mediterranean-type environments due to changing climatic conditions, managers are faced with the need to regulate fire with an incomplete knowledge of the ecological outcomes of their actions. Burning intervals for natural vegetation are often determined by using methods which provide an indication of 'appropriate' intervals based on the tolerances of key fire response species. The research presented here is an investigation into variation in species abundance in response to fire frequency, interval and time since fire. An ordination of species composition constrained by the corresponding fire history matrix revealed limited response at a commun..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was undertaken by TJ Duff as part of a PhD candidacy at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, supported by a Melbourne University Research Scholarship. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support and cooperation of the Department of Sustainability and Environment. We would also like to recognise the voluntary contribution of the developers of the R statistical project, in particular the developers of the packages mgcv and Vegan. Finally, we would like to thank our anonymous reviewers who contributed to this work.