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The role of dopamine in inhibitory control in smokers and non-smokers: A pharmacological fMRI study

Maartje Luijten, Dick J Veltman, Robert Hester, Marion Smits, Ilse MT Nijs, Lolke Pepplinkhuizen, Ingmar HA Franken



Contemporary theoretical models of substance dependence posit that deficits in inhibitory control play an important role in substance dependence. The neural network underlying inhibitory control and its association with substance dependence have been widely investigated. However, the pharmacology of inhibitory control is still insufficiently clear. The aims of the current study were twofold. First, we investigated the role of dopamine in inhibitory control and associated brain activation. Second, the proposed link between dopamine and impaired inhibitory control in nicotine dependence was investigated by comparing smokers and non-smoking controls. Haloperidol (2 mg), a dopamine D2/D3 recepto..

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