Journal article

The low excitation spectroscopy of 56, 57, 58Fe

HH Bolotin, AE Stuchbery, K Amos, I Morrison

Nuclear Physics, Section A | Published : 1978


The lifetimes of 21 states in 58Fe up to an excitation energy of 4213 keV have been determined by means of the Doppler-shift attenuation method using the 55Mn(α, pγ) reaction. These results complement other experimental data in an analysis of the structures of the 56 57 58Fe nuclides. A shell-model study has also been carried out in which the protons are constrained to the f 7 2 shell while valence neutrons are restricted to the f 5 2-p 3 2-p 1 2 subgroup. Good agreement with most low excitation data is found, as well as with the triaxial rotor models for these nuclides. © 1978.

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