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Superfluid spherical Couette flow

C Peralta, A Melatos, M Giacobello, A Ooi

Journal of Fluid Mechanics | Published : 2008


We solve numerically for the first time the two-fluid Hall–Vinen–Bekarevich–Khalatnikov (HVBK) equations for an He-II-like superfluid contained in a differentially rotating spherical shell, generalizing previous simulations of viscous spherical Couette flow (SCF) and superfluid Taylor–Couette flow. The simulations are conducted for Reynolds numbers in the range 1 × 102≤Re≤3 × 104, rotational shear 0.1≤ΔΩ/Ω≤0.3, and dimensionless gap widths 0.2≤δ≤0.5. The system tends towards a stationary but unsteady state, where the torque oscillates persistently, with amplitude and period determined by δ and ΔΩ/Ω. In axisymmetric superfluid SCF, the number of meridional circulation cells multiplies as Re i..

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