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Withdrawal of hormonal therapy for 4 weeks decreases arterial compliance in postmenopausal women.

TK Waddell, C Rajkumar, JD Cameron, GL Jennings, AM Dart, BA Kingwell

J Hypertens | Published : 1999


BACKGROUND: We demonstrated in a previous cross-sectional study that arterial compliance is elevated in postmenopausal women taking estrogen-containing hormonal therapy, which may partially account for the reduction in cardiovascular risk observed. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of withdrawal and recommencement of hormonal therapy, each for 4 weeks, on arterial compliance. METHODS: Seventeen postmenopausal women [aged 56 +/- 4 years (mean +/- SD)] taking long-term hormonal therapy (+HT group) were studied at baseline, 4 weeks after withdrawal of hormonal therapy and again 4 weeks after recommencement. Systemic arterial compliance (SAC), pulse wave velocity (PWV) in the aorto-femoral a..

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