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Relation between coronary artery disease, aortic stiffness, and left ventricular structure in a population sample.

CD Gatzka, JD Cameron, BA Kingwell, AM Dart

Hypertension | Published : 1998


To elucidate the relationship between coronary artery disease (CAD), aortic stiffness, and left ventricular structure, we recruited 55 subjects (33 men; average age, 63+/-1 years) with previously unknown CAD from a healthy general population sample, as well as 55 control subjects matched for gender, age, and serum cholesterol level. We measured arterial blood pressure and the systolic expansion of the transverse aorta and left ventricular structure by echocardiography. Aortic stiffness was higher in CAD patients than in controls, with a brachial pulse pressure of 59+/-3 versus 52+/-2 mm Hg and stiffness indices of Ep=212+/-26 versus 123+/-13 kN/m2 and beat=16+/-2 versus 9+/-1 (all P<0.01). M..

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