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Aging effects on human sympathetic neuronal function.

MD Esler, AG Turner, DM Kaye, JM Thompson, BA Kingwell, M Morris, GW Lambert, GL Jennings, HS Cox, DR Seals

Am J Physiol | Published : 1995


To study the effect of aging on human sympathetic nervous function, we applied kinetic methods for measuring the fluxes to plasma of neurochemicals relevant to sympathetic neurotransmission in younger (aged 20-30 yr) and older (aged 60-75 yr) healthy men. Mean plasma norepinephrine concentration was 66% higher in older men, attributable to 22% lower norepinephrine plasma clearance (P < 0.05) and 29% higher norepinephrine spillover to plasma (difference not statistically significant). Regional venous sampling disclosed that sympathetic outflow to all organs was not activated by aging. Renal norepinephrine spillover was normal in older men. Although spillover of norepinephrine from the heart w..

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