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Eco evidence database: A distributed modelling resource for systematic literature analysis in environmental science and management

JA Webb, SC De Little, KA Miller, MJ Stewardson

iEMSs 2012 - Managing Resources of a Limited Planet: Proceedings of the 6th Biennial Meeting of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society | Published : 2012


Balancing the needs of the environment with human uses of natural ecosystems relies on understanding causal relationships between environmental stressors and ecological responses. Causal relationships are difficult to demonstrate in natural environments due to environmental heterogeneity, lack of replication, and confounding influences. Published scientific literature is a currently under-used source of evidence for such analyses. We describe the Eco Evidence Database - A web database application for storing and sharing the atomized findings of research studies from the literature. This 'evidence' can then be used in synthesis studies to test cause-effect hypotheses. The database provides a ..

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