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Genetic deletion of somatostatin receptor 1 alters somatostatinergic transmission in the mouse retina

M Dal Monte, C Petrucci, A Vasilaki, D Cervia, D Grouselle, J Epelbaum, HJ Kreienkamp, D Richter, D Hoyer, P Bagnoli



In the mammalian retina, sparse amacrine cells contain somatostatin-14 (SRIF) which acts at multiple levels of neuronal circuitry through distinct SRIF receptors (sst(1-5)). Among them, the sst1 receptor has been localised to SRIF-containing amacrine cells in the rat and rabbit retina. Little is known about sst1 receptor localisation and function in the mouse retina. We have addressed this question in the retina of mice with deletion of sst1 receptors (sst1 KO mice). In the retina of wild type (WT) mice, sst1 receptors are localised to SRIF-containing amacrine cells, whereas in the retina of sst1 KO mice, sst1 receptors are absent. sst1 receptor loss causes a significant increase in retinal ..

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