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The importance of associated extra-renal vascular disease on the outcome of patients with atherosclerotic renovascular disease

AE Shurrab, P MacDowall, J Wright, H Mamtora, PA Kalra



Atherosclerotic renovascular disease (ARVD) is a disease of ageing. It is usually a manifestation of widespread vascular disease and although it may be symptomless, many patients with ARVD present with the effects of extra-renal vascular disease, such as peripheral vascular (PVD), coronary heart (CHD) and cerebrovascular disease. ARVD is a common cause of hypertension and chronic renal failure (CRF), and it is one of the most common renal diagnoses in elderly patients accepted on to dialysis programmes with end-stage renal failure (ESRF). The cause of renal impairment in these patients is still a matter of debate. Patients with ARVD have a high mortality, especially those with renal failure...

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