Conference Proceedings

Fundamentals of impact actions demonstrated by miniature experimentations

M Ali, J Sun, N Lam, L Zhang, E Gad

From Materials to Structures: Advancement Through Innovation - Proceedings of the 22nd Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials, ACMSM 2012 | Published : 2013


This paper describes the use of miniature physical experimentations to demonstrate phenomena of cushion protection and mass protection in the mitigation of impact actions by striking mild steel beam specimens at their mid-span position by a fallen object. These mitigation phenomena have been quantified systematically by comparisons between results from experiments, LS Dyna and hand calculation method (based on principles of equal momentum and equal energy assuming elasto-plastic response behaviour). Good agreement between the predicted and observed displacement values have been found across all the experiments. The presented calculation method is therefore well supported. Meanwhile, limitati..

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