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The prevalence of anal human papillomavirus among young HIV negative men who have sex with men

Huachun Zou, Christopher K Fairley, Jane S Hocking, Suzanne M Garland, Andrew E Grulich, Marcus Y Chen

BMC Infectious Diseases | BMC | Published : 2012


Men who have sex with men (MSM) especially those who are HIV positive are at risk for HPV-associated anal cancer. We systematically reviewed studies with data on the prevalence of vaccine preventable anal HPV among men who have sex with men aged 25 or younger and identified 6 studies. None of these studies were specifically designed to determine the prevalence of HPV in this population. Available data, albeit limited, suggest many young MSM may not already be HPV infected. Further studies using representative sampling focused on teenage MSM are required to confirm this.


Awarded by Australian Research Council

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