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Differentiated rabbit prostatic stromal cells in primary culture display functional alpha(1A)-adrenoceptors

D Boulbes, A Choquet, S Barrere-Lemaire, P Costa, L Soustelle, J Nargeot, JP Bali, F Hollande, R Magous



AIMS: BPH is characterized by uncontrolled proliferation and increased contractility of prostatic smooth muscle cells. The activation of alpha1-adrenoceptors (alpha1-AR) seems involved in the latter event, but the lack of in vitro models expressing these receptors has hampered a more specific characterization of their role. In order to do so, we attempted to develop a new model of rabbit cultured prostatic stromal cells (PSC) in a non-proliferative and differentiated state. METHODS: The expression of cytoskeletal and stromal markers was confirmed by immunohistochemistry on primary cultured PSC. Alpha1-AR subtype expression was assessed by RT-PCR, while receptor coupling to the ERK1/ERK2 and ..

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