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Molecular patterns of introgression in a classic hybrid zone between the Australian tree frogs, Litoria ewingii and L.paraewingi: evidence of a tension zone

Katie L Smith, Joshua M Hale, Michael R Kearney, Jeremy J Austin, Jane Melville

MOLECULAR ECOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2013


Hybrid zones provide a rare opportunity to explore the processes involved in reproductive isolation and speciation. The southern hybrid zone between the southeastern Australian tree frogs Litoria ewingii and L. paraewingi has been comprehensively studied over the last 40 years, primarily using reproductive compatibility experiments and male advertisement calls. We used mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and eight nuclear microsatellite markers to characterize this hybrid zone along a historically studied transect and to test various dispersal-dependent and dispersal-independent hybrid zone models. The species are genetically distinct and the level of hybridization within the contact zone is low, with..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was primarily funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant awarded to JM and JA. KS obtained additional support from Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment and Jasper Loftus Hills Memorial Award. We thank all the field work volunteers and the residents of the KinglakeGlenburn region that allowed us to sample from their properties. We also thank M. Littlejohn, C. Hoskin, D. Chapple and C. Moritz for valuable and constructive criticism on earlier versions of the manuscript.