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Quantitative CT Densitometry for Predicting Intracerebral Hemorrhage Growth

CD Barras, BM Tress, S Christensen, M Collins, PM Desmond, BE Skolnick, SA Mayer, SM Davis



BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Intracerebral hemorrhage growth independently predicts disability and death. We hypothesized that noncontrast quantitative CT densitometry reflects active bleeding and improves predictive models of growth. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We analyzed 81 of the 96 available baseline CT scans obtained <3 hours post-ICH from the placebo arm of the phase IIb trial of recombinant factor VIIa. Fifteen scans could not be analyzed for technical reasons, but baseline characteristics were not statistically significantly different. Hounsfield unit histograms for each ICH were generated. Analyzed qCTD parameters included the following: mean, SD, coefficient of variation, skewness (distribu..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Christen D. Barras-RELATED: Grant: National Health and Medical Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (Australia), Cardio Vascular Lipid Pfizer Research Grant, and support from the Royal Melbourne Hospital Neuroscience Foundation, Comments: There were 3 sources of personal funding for the research program that led to this publication, as listed. These funds included a personal stipend and all research costs involved in the program. Patricia M. Desmond-UNRELATED: Grants/Grants Pending: National Health and Medical Research Council.* Brett E. Skolnick-UNRELATED: Employment: Novo Nordisk, Comments: full-time employee, Stock/Stock Options: Novo Nordisk, Comments: as part of my employment compensation. Stephan A. Mayer-RELATED: Grant: Novo Nordisk, Comments: grant for activities as study principal investigator (PI), Consulting Fee or Honorarium: Novo Nordisk, Comments: consulting fees for activities as study PI, Support for Travel to Meetings for the Study or Other Purposes: Novo Nordisk, Comments: travel expenses reimbursed for investigator meetings, Fees for Participation in Review Activities such as Data Monitoring Boards, Statistical Analysis, Endpoint Committees, and the Like: Novo Nordisk, Comments: fees for activities as chair of trial steering committee. Stephen M. Davis-RELATED: consulting and lecture fees from Novo Nordisk, UNRELATED: Consultancy: Orsan Technologies, EVER Neuro Pharma, Comments: modest honoraria for consultancy. *Money paid to the institution.