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CD8 alpha( ) DCs can be induced in the absence of transcription factors Id2, Nfil3, and Batf3

Cyril Seillet, Jacob T Jackson, Kate A Markey, Hugh JM Brady, Geoffrey R Hill, Kelli PA MacDonald, Stephen L Nutt, Gabrielle T Belz

BLOOD | AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY | Published : 2013


Antiviral immunity and cross-presentation is mediated constitutively through CD8α+ and CD103+ DCs. Development of these DC subsets is thought to require the transcription factors Irf8, Id2, Nfil3, and Batf3, although how this network is regulated is poorly defined. We addressed the nature of the differentiation blocks observed in the absence of these factors and found that although all 4 factors are required for CD103+ DC development, only Irf8 is essential for CD8α+ DCs. CD8α+ DCs emerged in the absence of Id2, Nfil3 and Batf3 in short-term bone marrow reconstitution. These “induced” CD8α+ DCs exhibit several hallmarks of classic CD8α+ DCs including the expression of CD24, Tlr3, Xcr1, Clec9..

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Awarded by Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This work is supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia. K.A.M. is a NHMRC Training Fellow; K.P.A.M. is a Cancer Council Queensland Senior Research Fellow; and G.R.H. is a NHMRC Australia Fellow and Queensland Health Senior Clinical Fellow. G.T.B is supported by a Sylvia and Charles Viertel Foundation Fellowship; and S.L.N. is supported by an ARC Future Fellowship. This work was made possible through Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support and Australian Government NHMRC IRIIS.