Journal article

Mitochondrial protein homeostasis

Aksana Varabyova, Diana Stojanovski, Agnieszka Chacinska

IUBMB LIFE | WILEY | Published : 2013


Mitochondria use 800-1,500 proteins to perform their biological functions in the eukaryotic cells. Distinct transport and sorting mechanisms are responsible for the delivery of proteins to the correct location within mitochondria. Mitochondrial proteins undergo processing events and form functional assemblies. Finally, non-functional proteins are cleared to maintain healthy mitochondria. We provide an overview of the processes collectively contributing to the maintenance of mitochondrial protein homeostasis, which is critical for cell physiology and survival.


Awarded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland

Funding Acknowledgements

Research in the AC laboratory is supported by the Foundation for Polish Science-Welcome Programme co-financed by the EU within the European Regional Development Fund, EMBO Installation grant, and the grants from Ministry of Science and Higher Education and National Science Centre in Poland. The AV work was supported by the grant N N301 298337 from Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland. Work in DS laboratory is supported by the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council.