CO 2 and H 2O capture from high humidity flue gas by single multi-layer vacuum swing adsorption unit

D Xu, H Guo, H Liu, J Zhang, P Xiao

Advanced Materials Research | Published : 2012


The working capacity of 13X zeolite was considerably reduced when feeding a vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) carbon capture process with a high (~10%) water humidity level gas stream. To effectively tackle the water issues in real flue gas and keep the capital costs at a economical level without adding any pre-drying equipment, multiple-layer VSA technology was investigated in this study. Three configurations of multi-layer experiments were designed and conducted: double layers with 13X and Sorbead, triple layers with LiX zeolite +13X+Sorbead and triple layers with 13X+Sorbead+ACF. Experimental results showed that the water front was successfully contained within the pre-layers at cyclic steady..

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