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Current recommended levels of dietary lysine in finisher pig diets are sufficient to maximise the response to ractopamine over 28 days but are insufficient in the first 7 days

CV Rikard-Bell, JR Pluske, RJ van Barneveld, BP Mullan, AC Edwards, NJ Gannon, DJ Henman, FR Dunshea

Animal Production Science | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2013


Dietary ractopamine increases lean tissue deposition and responses increase as dose is increased provided sufficient dietary lysine is supplied. In Australia, diets supplemented with ractopamine (RAC) are formulated with 0.56 g available lysine per MJ digestible energy. The present study was conducted to investigate the interactions between dietary RAC and lysine on growth and carcass characteristics in ad libitum fed (13.8 MJ/kg) boars and gilts. The study involved 108 individually penned pigs at 17 weeks of age (64.1±0.57 kg) in a 2 by 2 by 3 factorial design, with the respective factors being sex (gilt or boar), dietary lysine (low and high, i.e. 0.56 or 0.65 g available lysine/MJ digesti..

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