Journal article

Bax Crystal Structures Reveal How BH3 Domains Activate Bax and Nucleate Its Oligomerization to Induce Apoptosis

Peter E Czabotar, Dana Westphal, Grant Dewson, Stephen Ma, Colin Hockings, W Douglas Fairlie, Erinna F Lee, Shenggen Yao, Adeline Y Robin, Brian J Smith, David CS Huang, Ruth M Kluck, Jerry M Adams, Peter M Colman

Cell | CELL PRESS | Published : 2013


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Ahmed Wardak, Geoff Thompson, Hong Yang, Eden Whitlock, and Leonie Gibson for technical support; Jacqui Gulbis for comments on the manuscript; and beamline staff at the Australian Synchrotron, where diffraction data were collected. We thank Richard Youle for the full-length Bax construct, Motoshi Suzuki and Nico Tjandra for NMR chemical shift data, and Masato Kawasaki for the pET28a-GFP vector. Crystallization experiments were performed at the Bio21 C3 Collaborative Crystallization Centre. P.E.C. acknowledges an ARC Future Fellowship, and D.W. acknowledges a DFG (Germany) Postdoctoral Fellowship. Our work is supported by NHMRC (Australia), ARC (Australia), the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, the Cancer Council of Victoria, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (US), the Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support, and the Australian Government NHMRC IRIISS.