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Ana Tronholm, Frederique Steen, Lennert Tyberghein, Frederik Leliaert, Heroen Verbruggen, M Antonia Ribera Siguan, Olivier de Clerck

Journal of Phycology | WILEY | Published : 2010

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Research Foundation-Flanders

Funding Acknowledgements

A. T. is indebted to the Agencia Canaria de Investigacion, Innovacion y Sociedad de la Informacion for her PhD grant. Funding was provided by the Research Foundation-Flanders (research grant G.0142.05 and postdoctoral fellowships to H. V. and F. L.) and IWT (doctoral fellowship to L. T.). We thank Sofie D'hondt for her assistance with the molecular work and Carolina Fumero for her help with the Latin diagnosis. We are grateful to all colleagues for collecting specimens: J. Afonso-Carrillo, J. Aragay, E. Ballesteros, I. Barbara, E. Cecere, E. Coppejans, M. Cormaci, T. Cowling, M. B. Crespo, R. Diaz, S. Draisma, S. Faugeron, G. Furnari, C. Galanza, N. Goldberg, M. Heytens, J. Hollants, J. Huisman, W. Kooistra, J. M. Landeira, C. E. Lane, L. Le Gall, S. M. Lin, D. Littler, M. Littler, M. Martinez, S. Murray, A. Neto, A. N'Yeurt, H. Pakker, K. Pauly, D. A. Payo, C. Pena, A. Peters, A. Petrocelli, D. Poloniato, F. Rindi, C. Rodriguez-Prieto, N. Sanchez, M. Sanson, C. W. Schneider, M. Sole , C. Souffreau, B. Tronholm, K. Van Nieuwenhuyze, P. Vanormelingen, A. Verges, M. Verlaque, M. Zubia, and G. C. Zuccarello. We thank the Herbarium ABH (Alicante, Spain) and K. Leon-Cisneros and A. Neto for providing us with material from the Herbarium AZB (Azores).