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Improving yield potential in crops under elevated CO2: integrating the photosynthetic and nitrogen utilization efficiencies

Surya Kant, Saman Seneweera, Joakim Rodin, Michael Materne, David Burch, Steven J Rothstein, German Spangenberg

Frontiers in Plant Science | FRONTIERS MEDIA SA | Published : 2012


Increasing crop productivity to meet burgeoning human food demand is challenging under changing environmental conditions. Since industrial revolution atmospheric CO(2) levels have linearly increased. Developing crop varieties with increased utilization of CO(2) for photosynthesis is an urgent requirement to cope with the irreversible rise of atmospheric CO(2) and achieve higher food production. The primary effects of elevated CO(2) levels in most crop plants, particularly C(3) plants, include increased biomass accumulation, although initial stimulation of net photosynthesis rate is only temporal and plants fail to sustain the maximal stimulation, a phenomenon known as photosynthesis acclimat..

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