Journal article

Balancing genetic uniqueness and genetic variation in determining conservation and translocation strategies: a comprehensive case study of threatened dwarf galaxias, Galaxiella pusilla (Mack) (Pisces: Galaxiidae)

RA Coleman, AR Weeks, AA Hoffmann

Molecular Ecology | WILEY | Published : 2013


Awarded by Melbourne University

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Melbourne Water Corporation for funding this research. Thanks to Vin Pettigrove and Tarmo Raadik for general advice throughout the study, and thanks to three anonymous reviewers for detailed comments. For ongoing assistance on laboratory methods and analysis, thanks to Nancy Endersby and Adam Miller. Thanks to Frank Clancy, Vin Pettigrove, Edward Tsyrlin, Elise Furlan, Bryant Gagliardi and to Megan, James and Harry Coleman for field assistance. Thanks to Peter Unmack for cytochrome b primers and Michael Hammer for tissue samples from Tasmania. Thanks also to Anthony Bright for assistance with distance calculations. Research was carried out with Melbourne University animal ethics approval (AEC 0705391.2) and State research permits for threatened species, national parks and fisheries permits for South Australia (PIRSA 9902333, DEH M25833-1), Victoria (DPI RP916, DSE 10004233) and Tasmania (IFS 2008-7, TFA 08090). A.A.H. and A.R.W. were supported by fellowships from the Australian Research Council.