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'North Sea' progressive myoclonus epilepsy: phenotype of subjects with GOSR2 mutation

Lysa Boisse Lomax, Marta A Bayly, Helle Hjalgrim, Rikke S Moller, Annemarie M Vlaar, Kari M Aaberg, Iris Marquardt, Luke C Gandolfo, Michel Willemsen, Erik-Jan Kamsteeg, John D O'Sullivan, G Christoph Korenke, Bastiaan R Bloem, Irenaeus F de Coo, Judith MA Verhagen, Ines Said, Trine Prescott, Asbjorg Stray-Pedersen, Magnhild Rasmussen, Danya F Vears Show all

BRAIN | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2013


We previously identified a homozygous mutation in the Golgi SNAP receptor complex 2 gene (GOSR2) in six patients with progressive myoclonus epilepsy. To define the syndrome better we analysed the clinical and electrophysiological phenotype in 12 patients with GOSR2 mutations, including six new unrelated subjects. Clinical presentation was remarkably similar with early onset ataxia (average 2 years of age), followed by myoclonic seizures at the average age of 6.5 years. Patients developed multiple seizure types, including generalized tonic clonic seizures, absence seizures and drop attacks. All patients developed scoliosis by adolescence, making this an important diagnostic clue. Additional s..

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