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The association between parity and knee cartilage in young women

Shuying Wei, Graeme Jones, Alison Venn, Flavia M Cicuttini, Lyn March, Petr Otahal, Marita Cross, Marita Dalton, Terry Dwyer, Changhai Ding



OBJECTIVES: There have been no reported studies of the association between parity and cartilage in young individuals. The aim of this study was to describe the association between parity, cartilage volume and cartilage defects in women aged 31-41 years. METHODS: Cross-sectional study of 144 women, mean age 36 years and BMI 25 kg/m(2), who were participants in an established prospective study. Parity was assessed using a questionnaire. Knee (medial tibial, lateral tibial and patellar) cartilage volume, cartilage defects (grade 0-4 depending on the severity of cartilage thickness loss at tibial and patellar sites) and tibial bone area were assessed using T1-weighted fat-suppressed MRI. RESULTS..

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