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Development and Feasibility of a Scale to Assess Postoperative Recovery The Post-operative Quality Recovery Scale

Colin F Royse, Stanton Newman, Frances Chung, Jan Stygall, Rachel E McKay, Joachim Boldt, Frederique S Servin, Ignacio Hurtado, Raafat Hannallah, Buwei Yu, David J Wilkinson



BACKGROUND: Good postoperative recovery is increasingly recognized as an important outcome after surgery. The authors created a new Post-operative Quality Recovery Scale (PQRS) that tracks multiple domains of recovery from immediate to long-term time periods in patients of varying ages, languages, and cultures. METHODS: The parameters of importance to both clinicians and patients were identified. After an initial pilot study of 133 patients, the PQRS was refined. It consists of six domains (physiologic, nociceptive, emotive, activities of daily living, cognitive, and overall patient perspective). An observational study of 701 patients was performed with the refined PQRS to assess its capacit..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Received from the Post-operative Quality Recovery Scale (PQRS) Advisory Board, London, United Kingdom. Submitted for publication October 9, 2009. Accepted for publication February 2, 2010. Supported by an unrestricted research grant from Baxter Healthcare (Deerfield, Illinois). Presented at the 14th World Congress of Anesthesiologists in Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa, February 29-March 7, 2008; the Canadian Society of Anesthesiologists National Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 26-30, 2009; the Australian and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, May 2-6, 2009; the Chinese Society of Anaesthetists Meeting, Xian, China, April 4-5, 2009; and the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland Winter Scientific Meeting, London, United Kingdom, January 14-16, 2009.