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Latin American consensus on hypertension in patients with diabetes type 2 and metabolic syndrome

Patricio Lopez-Jaramillo, Ramiro A Sanchez, Margarita Diaz, Leonardo Cobos, Alfonso Bryce, Jose Z Parra Carrillo, Fernando Lizcano, Fernando Lanas, Isaac Sinay, Ivan D Sierra, Ernesto Penaherrera, Mario Bendersky, Helena Schmid, Rodrigo Botero, Manuel Urina, Joffre Lara, Milton C Foss, Gustavo Marquez, Stephen Harrap, Agustin J Ramirez Show all



The present document has been prepared by a group of experts, members of cardiology, endocrinology and diabetes societies of Latin American countries, to serve as a guide to physicians taking care of patients with diabetes, hypertension and comorbidities or complications of both conditions. Although the concept of 'metabolic syndrome' is currently disputed, the higher prevalence in Latin America of that cluster of metabolic alterations has suggested that 'metabolic syndrome' is a useful nosographic entity in the context of Latin American medicine. Therefore, in the present document, particular attention is paid to this syndrome in order to alert physicians on a particularly high-risk populat..

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