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Role of nonstructural protein NS2A in flavivirus assembly

Jason Y Leung, Gorben P Pijlman, Natasha Kondratieva, Jennifer Hyde, Jason M Mackenzie, Alexander A Khromykh

Journal of Virology | AMER SOC MICROBIOLOGY | Published : 2008


Flavivirus nonstructural (NS) proteins are involved in RNA replication and modulation of the host antiviral response; however, evidence is mounting that some NS proteins also have essential roles in virus assembly. Kunjin virus (KUN) NS2A is a small, hydrophobic, transmembrane protein that is part of the replication complex and inhibits interferon induction. Previously, we have shown that an isoleucine (I)-to-asparagine (N) substitution at position 59 of the NS2A protein blocked the production of secreted virus particles in cells electroporated with viral RNA carrying this mutation. We now show that prolonged incubation of mutant KUN NS2A-I59N replicon RNA, in an inducible BHK-derived packag..

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