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Comparisons of physical separation methods of Kunjin virus-induced membranes.

Min Kim, Jason M Mackenzie, Edwin G Westaway

Journal of Virological Methods | Published : 2004


The two sets of connected membranes induced in Kunjin virus-infected cells are characterized by the presence of NS3 helicase/protease in both, and by RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) activity plus the associated double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) template in vesicle packets (VP), or by the absence of both the VP-specific markers in the convoluted membranes/paracrystalline arrays (CM/PC). Attempts were made to separate flavivirus-induced membranes by sedimentation or flotation analyses in density gradients of sucrose or iodixanol, respectively, after treatment of cell lysates by sonication, osmotic shock, or tryptic digestion. Only osmotic shock treatment provided suggestive evidence of separatio..

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