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Predicting the century-long post-fire responses of reptiles

Dale G Nimmo, Luke T Kelly, Lisa M Spence-Bailey, Simon J Watson, Angie Haslem, John G White, Mike F Clarke, Andrew F Bennett



Aim We examined the century-long post-fire responses of reptiles to (1) determine the time-scales over which fauna - fire relationships occur, (2) assess the capacity of a conceptual model to predict faunal response to fire, and (3) investigate the degree to which models of fauna - fire relationships can predict species occurrence and are transferable across space. Location A 104,000km 2 area in the semi-arid Murray Mallee region of south-eastern Australia. Methods We surveyed reptiles at 280 sites across a century-long post-fire chronosequence. We developed generalized additive mixed models (GAMMs) of the relationship between time since fire and the occurrence of 17 species in two subregion..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the following agencies for funding: Parks Victoria, Department of Sustainability and Environment (Vic.), Mallee Catchment Management Authority, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Environment and Climate Change (NSW), Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authority, Department for Environment and Natural Resources (SA), Land and Water Australia, Natural Heritage Trust, Birds Australia (Gluepot Reserve), Australian Wildlife Conservancy (Scotia Sanctuary) and the Murray Mallee Partnership. Thanks to Sarah Avitabile, Lauren Brown, Kate Callister, Brian Malone, Rick Taylor, Peter Robertson and Sally Kenny, and many volunteers who helped with data collection. Don Driscoll and two anonymous referees made helpful comments which improved this manuscript, and Jane Elith provided helpful advice on statistical analysis.