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Amino Acid Balance with Extended Daily Diafiltration in Acute Kidney Injury

Horng Ruey Chua, Ian Baldwin, Nigel Fealy, Toshio Naka, Rinaldo Bellomo



BACKGROUND: The impact of hybrid dialysis therapies on amino acid (AA) balance in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury is unknown. METHODS: We examined prospectively the AA balance with extended daily diafiltration (EDDF). RESULTS: We studied 7 patients. AA clearances with EDDF ranged from 21.6 ml/min (tryptophan) to 66.9 ml/min (taurine). AA loss was 4.2 (IQR 1.4-12.3) g/day and 4.5% of daily protein intake for patients on enteral nutrition (EN). Percentage AA loss per hour on EDDF was highest for glutamine (32.1%) and lowest for glutamic acid (0.8%). Blood AA levels correlated with corresponding EDDF losses. Median total nitrogen appearance was 25.0 (IQR 20.6-29.3) g/day for pa..

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