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Testing the Stroop Effect in a Nonclinical Sample: Hypervigilance or Difficulty to Disengage?

Natalie Peach, Martina Jovev, Alexander Foster, Henry Jackson

Journal of Experimental Psychopathology | SAGE Publications | Published : 2012


Traditional interpretations of the bias have suggested that anxious people are hypervigilant to threat; that is, their attention orients more quickly towards threatening stimuli. Recent research has questioned the validity of this interpretation, suggesting that difficulty disengaging attention from threat might play a role in the attentional bias. A limited number of experimental paradigms have differentiated between hypervigilance and difficulty disengaging. In this study, 169 undergraduate students completed an emotional Stroop task to investigate the presence of an attentional bias to threat, and a lexical decision task to differentiate between hypervigilance and difficulty disengaging. ..

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