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Controlled deterministic implantation by nanostencil lithography at the limit of ion-aperture straggling

ADC Alves, J Newnham, JA van Donkelaar, S Rubanov, JC McCallum, DN Jamieson



Solid state electronic devices fabricated in silicon employ many ion implantation steps in their fabrication. In nanoscale devices deterministic implants of dopant atoms with high spatial precision will be needed to overcome problems with statistical variations in device characteristics and to open new functionalities based on controlled quantum states of single atoms. However, to deterministically place a dopant atom with the required precision is a significant technological challenge. Here we address this challenge with a strategy based on stepped nanostencil lithography for the construction of arrays of single implanted atoms. We address the limit on spatial precision imposed by ion strag..

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Awarded by US Army Research Office

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors acknowledge financial support from the Australian Research Council, the Australian Government and the US Army Research Office under contract no. W911NF-04-1-0290. The authors are grateful to Roland Szymanski for technical support and to Brett Johnson, Charles Hill and Andrew Greentree for useful discussions.