Journal article

Does fish larval dispersal differ between high and low latitudes?

Jeffrey M Leis, Jennifer E Caselle, Ian R Bradbury, Trond Kristiansen, Joel K Llopiz, Michael J Miller, Mary I O'Connor, Claire B Paris, Alan L Shanks, Susan M Sogard, Stephen E Swearer, Eric A Treml, Russell D Vetter, Robert R Warner

Royal Society of London. Proceedings B. Biological Sciences | ROYAL SOC | Published : 2013


Awarded by Norwegian Research Council through project MENUII

Awarded by ARC Discovery Grant

Funding Acknowledgements

A.L.S. thanks Michel Kulbicki for helpful discussion and advice. Suzanne Bullock provided editorial assistance. S. D. Simpson and T.J. Miller provided helpful criticisms. T. K. was supported by the Norwegian Research Council through project MENUII no. 190286. J.M.L. was supported by ARC Discovery Grant DP110100695. J.E.C. and R. R. W. were supported by the Partnership for the Interdisciplinary Study of Coastal Oceans, funded by The David and Lucille Packard Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. This is PISCO publication no. 428. J.M.L., J.E.C. and R. R. W. initiated and constructed the manuscript, provided overall editorial direction, and the introduction and conclusions. J.M.L. provided sections on taxonomy, biogeography, larval behaviour and spawning modes. I. R. B. and R. D. V. provided genetics sections. J.K.L. provided feeding sections. T. K. and C. B. P. provided physical oceanographic sections. M.J.M. provided sections on eels. M.I.O. and S. M. S. provided sections on temperature effects. A. L. S. provided PLD sections with additions from J.M.L. S. E. S. and E. A. T. provided habitat fragmentation sections. R. R. W. provided caveats sections. All contributed to the future directions section.