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Ceramides Contained in LDL Are Elevated in Type 2 Diabetes and Promote Inflammation and Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance

James Boon, Andrew J Hoy, Romana Stark, Russell D Brown, Ruth C Meex, Darren C Henstridge, Simon Schenk, Peter J Meikle, Jeffrey F Horowitz, Bronwyn A Kingwell, Clinton R Bruce, Matthew J Watt

Diabetes | AMER DIABETES ASSOC | Published : 2013


Dysregulated lipid metabolism and inflammation are linked to the development of insulin resistance in obesity, and the intracellular accumulation of the sphingolipid ceramide has been implicated in these processes. Here, we explored the role of circulating ceramide on the pathogenesis of insulin resistance. Ceramide transported in LDL is elevated in the plasma of obese patients with type 2 diabetes and correlated with insulin resistance but not with the degree of obesity. Treating cultured myotubes with LDL containing ceramide promoted ceramide accrual in cells and was accompanied by reduced insulin-stimulated glucose uptake, Akt phosphorylation, and GLUT4 translocation compared with LDL def..

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