Journal article

Assessing the intrinsic resilience of a particularly fast-growing teleost prey species (red cod, Pseudophycis bachus)

Jodie Kemp, Gregory P Jenkins, Stephen E Swearer

Marine and Freshwater Research | CSIRO PUBLISHING | Published : 2013


Understanding the life-history parameters that influence productivity is important in assessing the intrinsic resilience of a species to exploitation. The life-history characteristics of red cod, Pseudophycis bachus, were investigated to assess the intrinsic resilience of this important prey species to increased predation pressure by a range of high trophic-level predators. Red cod has a particularly short longevity; in Australian shelf waters it is uncommon to encounter individuals older than 2+ years. There are few shelf-water species that exhibit the rapid rate of growth that was observed where females and males attained ∼300-mm total length in the first year. A particularly rapid growth ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Many thanks go to B. Cull, T. van Boom, W. Cheers and J. Webster for providing Pseudophycis species from Bass Strait commercial operations; and R. Watson for assistance with fieldwork. This study was funded by the Phillip Island Nature Park and the University of Melbourne.