Journal article

Understanding how cancer patients actualise, relinquish, and reject advance care planning: implications for practice

Natasha Michael, Clare O'Callaghan, Josephine Clayton, Annabel Pollard, Nikola Stepanov, Odette Spruyt, Michael Michael, David Ball



Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank A/ Prof Mei Krishnasamy for her comments on the manuscript, staff from the lung and gastrointestinal tumour streams and research staff for their support in this project. We are grateful to patients who generously participated. NM was responsible for study concept and secured funding. NM, AP, OS, JC, and NS were responsible for study design. NM and COC liaised with the consultant oncologists, recruited, and gained written informed consent from the patients, collected the data, and managed the trial on a daily basis. BD and MM facilitated recruitment of patients. NM, COC, AP, and NS performed analysis and interpretation of results. NM and COC produced first draft of manuscript. AP. OS, NS, and JC contributed to subsequent revisions. Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content was done by all authors. Final approval of the article was done by all authors. NM is the guarantor. This research was supported by a grant from the Department of Health, Victoria. The research team were independent from the funders.