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Fast deterministic single-exposure coherent diffractive imaging at sub-Angstrom resolution

AJ Morgan, AJ D'Alfonso, P Wang, H Sawada, AI Kirkland, LJ Allen



In coherent diffractive imaging (CDI), conventional image-forming optics are replaced by the solution of an inverse scattering problem which obtains the exit surface wave from the diffraction pattern. To date CDI implementations typically use nonlinear iterative solutions, often using more than one diffraction pattern, and have been mainly implemented in the optical and x-ray regimes. Here we present single-exposure CDI reconstructions of a region of a cerium dioxide nanocrystal, illuminated by a coherent electron probe, in which the positions of both cerium and the lighter oxygen atoms are recovered simultaneously. We employ a fast deterministic algorithm based on the iterative solution of ..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council's Discovery Projects funding scheme

Awarded by DECRA funding scheme

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Awarded by Japan Science and Technology Agency

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported under the Australian Research Council's Discovery Projects funding scheme (Project No. DP1096025) and its DECRA funding scheme (Project No. DE130100739) and by the EPSRC (Grant Nos. EP/E034055/1 and EP/F048009/1). The microscope was developed under the CREST R005 project, supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (Project leader: Kunio Takayanagi). A.J.M. acknowledges financial assistance by the David Hay Memorial Fund.