Journal article

The potential to reconstruct broadscale climate indices associated with southeast Australian droughts from Athrotaxis species, Tasmania

KJ Allen, J Ogden, BM Buckley, ER Cook, PJ Baker

Climate Dynamics | SPRINGER | Published : 2011


Awarded by ARC

Funding Acknowledgements

Chronologies from sites Mt Field, Cradle Mt. and Pine Lake (to 1975) were obtained from the International Tree Ring Data Base and were collected by Val LaMarche, Peter Dunwiddie, John Ogden and Desnee Campbell. Field assistance was provided by Ken Felton, Simon Cubit, David Parham, Paavo Jumppanen, Tilla Roy, Jonathan Palmer, Rohan Simkin, Laura Williams and Andrew and Hannah Marshall. Chris Allen provided technical assistance and Gary Meyers provided Fig. 8 and other associated figures that were important food for thought. Samples from Lake Riveaux were collected as part of a study jointly funded through the Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania (DPIW) and Forestry Tasmania. We also thank two anonymous reviewers whose suggestions have resulted in the significant improvement of this paper. Support for this research was provided by ARC Discovery Project DP0878744.