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Potential impacts of negative associative effects between concentrate supplements, pasture and conserved forage for milk production and dairy farm profit

CKM Ho, B Malcolm, PT Doyle



A case study and whole-farm modelling approach was used to examine the potential impacts of negative associative effects on milk production and economic performance of two dairy farms in northern Victoria. The two case studies differed in herd and farm size, calving pattern, forages grown and use of labour, but both had production systems based on grazed pasture, grain fed in the dairy at milking and conserved hay fed out in the paddock. The feeding system of each farm was altered by implementing a partial mixed ration (PMR), where cows grazed once a day and received supplements in a well formulated mix once a day. Negative associative effects between feeds were included in the biophysical m..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the case study farm families who participated in this study. We also acknowledge the interest and support provided by Barry Croke, Mark Gardiner, Daniel Kydd, Bernie Macgill, Nick Ryan, Iwan Van Den Berg, Ian Gibb, John Boyd, David Marland, Helen Quinn, Geoff Enever and Phil Shannon as members of the project advisory committee. We also acknowledge Joe Jacobs and two anonymous referees for helpful comments that have improved this paper. Funding for this work was provided by Dairy Australia, Murray Dairy and the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria.