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First Prospective, Population-Based Inflammatory Bowel Disease Incidence Study in Mainland of China: The Emergence of "Western" Disease

Jie Zhao, Siew C Ng, Yuan Lei, Fengming Yi, Jin Li, Limin Yu, Kaifang Zou, Zili Dan, Meng Dai, Yijuan Ding, Min Song, Qingtao Mei, Xiangming Fang, Huimin Liu, Zhaohong Shi, Rui Zhou, Ming Xia, Qingming Wu, Zhifan Xiong, Wencheng Zhu Show all



BACKGROUND: Previously a disease of the West and rarely seen in China, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is now increasing in incidence in China. However, its true incidence is unknown. The incidence of IBD in Wuhan, a major city in central China, was investigated using population-based methods. METHODS: A prospective, population-based IBD incidence study was conducted between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2010. New IBD cases were identified by gastroenterologists and from hospital case records in 17 central hospitals covering the health care service of central Wuhan. Cases were confirmed by follow-up and assessed by a specialist IBD group every 3 months. The population at risk was 6,085,..

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Awarded by Hubei Clinical Center and Key Laboratory of Intestinal & Colorectal Diseases

Awarded by Ministry of Public Health of China

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Supported by grants from the Hubei Clinical Center and Key Laboratory of Intestinal & Colorectal Diseases (2008BCC002) and the Ministry of Public Health of China (200802156, 201002020). Database entry of Epicom and maintenance fee was sponsored by Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd, China.