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The crystal structure of ramdohrite, Pb5.9Fe0.1Mn0.1In0.1Cd0.2Ag2.8Sb10.8S24: A new refinement

Emil Makovicky, William G Mumme, Robert W Gable



The crystal structure of ramdohrite, Pb5.9Fe 0.1Mn0.1In0.1Cd0.2Ag 2.8Sb10.8S24, from the Chocaya mine, Potosí, Bolivia, determined by Makovicky and Mumme from film data in 1983, was refined from single-crystal diffractometer data to the R value 0.060, based on 5230 reflections [I < 2s(I)] from a twinned crystal. Lattice parameters are a = 8.7348(3), b = 13.0543(4), c = 19.3117(6) Å, and β = 90.179(2)°, space group P21/n. Two bicapped trigonal prismatic sites of lead bridge and unite adjacent (311)PbS slabs. These slabs contain five distinct coordination pyramids of Sb with trapezoidal cross sections, a mixed and disordered Sb-Ag-Cd-(Pb) site, refined as 0.39 Sb + 0.61 Ag, a pure Ag site with..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Research Council for Nature and Universe (Denmark)

Funding Acknowledgements

This project was supported by the Department of Process Science and Engineering, CSIRO, Australia, and by the project no. 09-065749/FNU of the Research Council for Nature and Universe (Denmark). Editorial care of A. McDonald and comments of the two referees, Y. Moelo and S. Graeser, were appreciated.