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Pitch and loudness matching of unmodulated and modulated stimuli in cochlear implantees

Andrew Vandali, David Sly, Robert Cowan, Richard van Hoesel



The pitch elicited by unmodulated and amplitude modulated electrical pulse trains was examined with six adult cochlear implantees. In addition, for three of those subjects who had some hearing in their contralateral ear, the pitch of unmodulated electrical pulse trains was compared to that of complex harmonic acoustic tones. In the first experiment, pulse rate discrimination and the effects of place and level differences on pitch were examined for unmodulated pulse trains. General results were consistent with previous studies showing that variations in pulse rate, while holding loudness fixed, elicit changes in pitch at low rates, but become progressively harder to discriminate as rates appr..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by the Commonwealth of Australia through the establishment and operations of the Hearing CRC. In addition, we acknowledge the support that the Bionics Institute receives from the Victorian Government through its Operational Infrastructure Support Program. The authors wish to thank the six recipients who gave their time to participate in this study. Many thanks also to Mark White for his informative comments on the research. Thanks also to Ian Bruce, Leon Heffer, James Fallon, Richard Dowell, and the anonymous reviewers of the manuscript.