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When bare breasts are a "threat": The production of bodies/spaces in law

C Morton

Canadian Journal of Women and the Law | University of Toronto Press Inc. (UTPress) | Published : 2011


This article draws on the work of Judith Butler, in Bodies That Matter: On the Discursive Limits of "Sex," and Henri Lefebvre, in The Production of Space, to understand the legal and societal regulation of women who bare their breasts in public. We may understand the law's role in the production of (in this case) sexed identities if we recognize the way in which bodies and spaces are produced at the same time, through the regulation of women when they bare their breasts in public. In these instances, the "biology" of women-their breasts-is conflated with their gendered identities (and, importantly, their sexuality) in order to justify the regulation of their behaviour in specific places. Thi..

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