Book Chapter

Renal Trauma

Kevin O’Connor, Declan G Murphy

Diagnostic Techniques in Urology | Springer London | Published : 2014


Renal trauma is rare, accounting for only 0.3 % of trauma injuries [1]. It is the third most commonly injured abdominal organ after the spleen and liver, accounting for 10 % of patients who sustain abdominal trauma [2]. The mechanism of renal injury is classified as either blunt or penetrating with the vast majority (81 %) resulting from blunt trauma [1]. A relatively higher incidence of penetrating renal injuries are encountered in an urban setting. Coexisting injuries are identified in 14–34 % of blunt trauma and in 50–80 % of penetrating renal trauma cases [3]. Renal trauma can be acutely life threatening necessitating immediate surgical exploration, but the majority of renal injuries are..

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