Book Chapter

Australian Bills of Rights and the 'New Commonwealth Model of Constitutionalism'

S Evans, J Watson

The United Kingdom's Statutory Bill of Rights: Constitutional and Comparative Perspectives | Published : 2013


This chapter examines the influence of the new Commonwealth model of human rights protection (exemplified by the UK Human Rights Act 1998) on the form of the two Australian statutory Bills of Rights, and then considers the impact of Australia's distinctive legal culture and constitutional structure on the operation of these instruments. In particular, it examines the impact of culture and structure in the decision of the High Court of Australia in R. v Momcilovic [2011] HCA 34; (2011) 280 A.L.R. As a result of that case, key features of the Australian Bills of Rights now diverge from the dominant UK approach, a divergence so striking that it may no longer be possible to identify the Australi..

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