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Louisville seamount subduction and its implication on mantle flow beneath the central Tonga-Kermadec arc

Christian Timm, Daniel Bassett, Ian J Graham, Matthew I Leybourne, Cornel EJ de Ronde, Jon Woodhead, Daniel Layton-Matthews, Anthony B Watts



Subduction of intraplate seamounts beneath a geochemically depleted mantle wedge provides a seldom opportunity to trace element recycling and mantle flow in subduction zones. Here we present trace element and Sr, Nd and Pb isotopic compositions of lavas from the central Tonga-Kermadec arc, west of the contemporary Louisville-Tonga trench intersection, to provide new insights into the effects of Louisville seamount subduction. Elevated (206)Pb/(204)Pb, (208)Pb/(204)Pb, (86)Sr/(87)Sr in lavas from the central Tonga-Kermadec arc front are consistent with localized input of subducted alkaline Louisville material (lavas and volcaniclastics) into sub-arc partial melts. Furthermore, absolute Pacifi..

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Awarded by Foundation of Research and Technology (New Zealand)

Funding Acknowledgements

The captain and crew of RV Tangaroa are thanked for their support and skill during the NZAPLUME III expedition in 2004. We wish to thank Roland Maas for laboratory assistance at Melbourne University. Discussions with E. Todd, R.J. Wysoczanski, F. Caratori-Tontini, R. Sutherland, K. Hoernle and M. R. Handler helped to develop ideas in this paper. This research has been supported by the Foundation of Research and Technology (New Zealand) contract C05X0406 and GNS Science core funding.